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Saint Stephanos Church Renovation

Old Church RenovationOld Church Renovation

Saint Stephanos church is the only church in the area. It is an old Byzantine church that was destroyed approximately in 500 AD.

Every year, on the last Sunday of July, on the grounds surrounding the church, the local summer festival takes place.

In the last few years, donations coming from the local and foreign visitors have helped the efforts of restoring this old church. In this great task any help is most welcome. If you would like to become a part of our purpose, feel free to donate any amount you consider appropriate.

Should you wish to donate, the bank account below is for that purpose.

  • IBAN: GR7801 1037 4000 0037 4296 16362
    Bank Name: National Bank of Greece

The amount of donation received last year (2007) has helped greatly into getting the church to its current state. We are very optimistic for the near completion of this task.



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