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Sait Stephanos bay from Galini Taverna's JettySaint Stephanos Corfu early 1970

Saint Stephanos Corfu

About St. Stefanos

Saint Stephanos early 1990Travelling towards the North - East coast of Corfu through the narrow winding roads, you meet several villages. One of the most popular ones is that of St. Stefanos. It is a traditional fishing village that used to be a very important port, where people would trade flour, oil and olives among other goods. It was also the place where fishermen found shelter when the sea was rough.

St. Stefanos village has been developed significantly, especially during the last thirty years, and it has become a popular holiday destination for tourists.

Who it is best for

Anyone can visit this village since it offers peace and quiet during the day, although it promises lively evenings. Therefore, couples, families and elderly people are welcome here.

What to see

company of ducks splashing aroundBeside the picturesque scenery and its impressive location between hills, visitors can enjoy boat trips to Corfu Town or the surrounding bays. Everything is so peaceful here that people can sometimes enjoy the company of ducks splashing around.

Where to swim

Everyone can get to the beach on foot, following the village towards the left side of the bay. The shingle beach at St. Stefanos is quite small but offers hours of relaxation under the hot rays of the sun. For those who like comfort, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. Children should be under close supervision though, as the water deepens abruptly.

What to do

Nikos Tsirimiagos' supermarketAdmiring the landscape is not the only activity that one can do. Shopping is also a good idea; for this purpose there is a gift shop and a couple of tourist shops where you can buy souvenirs, books and international newspapers. A very special treat is the home made honey which can be found at Nikos Tsirimiagos' supermarket.

You can even have a friendly chat with the locals and meet Mrs. Petropoulou Eleni, a sweet old lady who is the biggest property owner of the village.

Where to eat

Since it is a fishing village, St. Stefanos' few taverns serve fresh fish and of course many traditional Greek dishes. Once you have tried the Corfiot cuisine, it is certain that you will be a big fan.

The view from the taverns is wonderful, overlooking the sea and Albania's coasts.

Damianos Bar Saint Stephanos CorfuHow to entertain yourself

In the evening you can enjoy the company of your friends, while sipping your favourite drink and listening to good music at Damianos Bar.

Of course you can visit the nearby villages of Kassiopi, which is only a short drive away, or enjoy a romantic walk to Kerasia; two quite lively resorts to spend the night.

Where to stay

Your stay will be unforgettable once you choose one of the luxurious villas which are available for your accommodation. They are all situated among lush vegetation and beautiful gardens - a small paradise on earth, just for you.


St. Stefanos also offers facilities such as a supermarket, boat rental places, a tourist office where you can exchange currency, and a Telephone and Post box.

Damianos Bar Saint Stephanos CorfuSaint Stephanos Corfu


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